Monday, May 28, 2007

Since my last post, when I was dreaming of hacking off my hair and swinging from jungle vines like some Amazonian Jane, I've switched to fantasizing about moving back East. I've been thinking about this prospect for a few months, but hesitated to divulge b/c I don't want all y'all to get too excited, or make promises I can't keep. I've had a not-so-secret plan all along, though, which is to buy my NYC apt. with the money I make from the sale of my house. So, now the secret is out! Start spreadin' it.

I'm also realizing that I may be more of a renter than an owner. In an apt., I don't have to remember trash day or install a new water heater. I call the super (and, sometimes, the slum lord) and insist he get his reefer-smoking heine to my door, stat. It's simple. Owning a home has all kinds of caveats I'm unaccustomed to -- and that I dislike! Hell, I don't even like to clean. There was some writer...I forget who it was...who said that her house is always messy, and that's what she sacrifices to get her writing done. Amen, sister. I can't even see my desk, for all the dust and debris! I'm so disinclined to clean, in fact, that I actually leave the house to do my writing. (Which, lately, hasn't been working out, due to several unattractive coffee shop stalkers. See? In NYC, everyone minds their own blessed business! Unfriendliness isn't always bad.)

My brother is in town for a few weeks, so I'm trying to milk him for slave labor. He's reluctant, and likes to sleep 'til noon, but I'm persistent about putting the paintbrush in his capable hand. I want to get this place done this summer so that I can get closer to selling, even if that's a year (or more) away. More importantly, I'm intent on fixing it up to decrease the stress of it!

Tomorrow marks the start of summer vacation, but I'm already having nightmares about teaching next year. (Crazy? You fucking betcha. AK, I know, I know. I give you full permission to sock me across the noggin, right where it hurts. Knock some sense into me!) But the line-up sounds kinda fun: I'll be teaching TV production (about which I know absolutely nothing), speech and debate/mock trial, and newspaper/journalism. I'll still have duties as an evil administrator (split part-time w/ part-time teaching...which probably equals overtime), which I'm dreading. How did I get from the dark side to the even darker? (Wool! Over my eyes!)

In the meantime, before the madness begins, I'm making a concerted effort to enjoy my two months of sweet summa-time. I can't wait to drink beer and bbq veg-style in the backyard, once I've cordoned it off from the crackheads! When I do, you're all invited to the party. (And, yes, I must post pics!)